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Customer acquisition is essential for any type of business organization. However, attracting and convincing the customers to purchase your product or service is not easy at all. Special infrastructure and expertise is required for building up a potential customer base. Unfortunately, not all business organization has the resources and time in the world to achieve this as there is still a need to focus on many other activities other than the promotion of the brand.

We provide B2B & B2C telemarketing services to address your unique acquisition challenges. Our program has been proven to attract high value customers, maximize sales conversion and thereby increases sales revenue.

You can get fast access to a cost-effective and professional telesales services without having to invest in new hardware, architecture and human resources. Sales force can therefore focus on improving customer relationship that results in high conversion which is particularly beneficial.

If you want to cut down on time spent on prospecting, and focus on making more sales, this marketing solution is most appropriate.

Cross Marketing

We are known for our cross marketing program which is primarily engaged to address your unique customer acquisition challenges.

In a cross marketing activity, everyone benefits. Such strategies are most effective when woven into a partnership where both parties benefit from the marriage. You will help to promote another company and, in turn, that company helps to promote you.

Benefits of cross marketing:
Both companies achieve win-win
Increased sales revenue
Increased brand awareness
Improved brand perception
Cost-effective approach
Enhanced customer loyalty
Free marketing exposure

Partner relations are not built overnight. We understand the importance of establishing, maintaining relationships and the value that comes along with it. Our vast network of more than 100 partners has enabled us to develop more than 250 partnerships to date. Our program has a solid record of attracting high value customers, maximizing sales conversion and thereby increasing sales revenue.

Our partner sectors include:
Banking and finance
Education and healthcare
Government statutory boards
Oil and petroleum
Food and beverage
Lifestyle and retail

Loyalty and Retention Program

Though our extensive network of partners, we are able to implement loyalty programs of any scale or market segment. We conceptualize, source, negotiate and manage partnerships from discounts and benefits for rewards programs. We help you to develop and execute marketing activities such as workshops, birthday treats, sales promotion, referral program, gifts and incentives to continuously engage your customers, build more valuable customer relationships and expand your customer base.

Digital Marketing

We are supported by a team of IT and web specialists who can help you engage your customers with the latest online marketing applications such as custom Face book applications, Face book integration to your websites or mobile applications, EDM delivery, tracking and online advertising engines and corporate website development.

Creative Services

Today’s consumers use their instincts to determine the worth of a product or service, and it is based on visual impressions. Potential consumers make the subconscious decision of whether or not they want to do business within the first few seconds of exposure to your company or product.

We provide a wide range of in-house creative solutions to support your marketing initiatives. From conceptualization to copywriting to production, our team will work closely with you to help your customers connect to your brand, products and services effectively.

Our services include:
Rebranding/Creating a new brand
Develops branding and positioning strategies
Develops a complete set of marketing collaterals for your brand such as logo, corporate stationeries, paper bags, store signage, brochures, mailers, newsletters, posters, packaging etc


  • Media planning and scheduling
  • Plan and coordinate photography and filming
  • Conceptualize and develop creatives for above the line, below the line, POS, out of home and digital media

Public Relations

We pride ourselves in helping businesses build their brand equity, strengthen their relationship with the media, and create exciting and memorable events with the finest, most personal touch.

Our services include:
Creating awareness for your organization
Developing & distributing of press releases and announcement
Pitching the stories to the media
Organize press conferences & launch events
Monitoring and compilation of media clippings


We believe strongly in training and development of staff to provide a more flexible and efficient workplace. That means teaching them to be competent in sales, customer service, administration and operations. This helps in setting schedules or filling in for absences. Effective training should also be monitored but most importantly, it shouldn’t stop.

Benefits of training:
Employees are better equipped to serve customers
An effective strategy to retain & recruit talents
Sharing of knowledge and experience among staff
Fosters team spirit