Cross Marketing

We are known for our cross marketing program which is primarily engaged to address your unique customer acquisition challenges.

In a cross marketing activity, everyone benefits. Such strategies are most effective when woven into a partnership where both parties benefit from the marriage. You will help to promote another company and, in turn, that company helps to promote you.

Benefits of cross marketing:
Both companies achieve win-win
Increased sales revenue
Increased brand awareness
Improved brand perception
Cost-effective approach
Enhanced customer loyalty
Free marketing exposure

Partner relations are not built overnight. We understand the importance of establishing, maintaining relationships and the value that comes along with it. Our vast network of more than 100 partners has enabled us to develop more than 250 partnerships to date. Our program has a solid record of attracting high value customers, maximizing sales conversion and thereby increasing sales revenue.

Our partner sectors include:

  • Banking and finance
  • Logistics
  • Education and healthcare
  • Government statutory boards
  • Oil and petroleum
  • Food and beverage
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle and retail